B.C. Toolbox location Warzone 2 DMZ

Are you looking for the B.C. Toolbox in Warzone 2's DMZ? We know exactly where it is located.

So, you’re looking to get your hands on the B.C. Toolbox, eh? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll go over where you need to look and how to get the key so you can collect your rewards and dive back into the fray in no time!

Where to find the B.C. Toolbox

Nestled in the northern wing of Al Malik Airport, you can find the toolbox at map grid G6. It is located in a room behind border control, which doubles as a baggage carousel maintenance area. Inside this space lies the toolbox near some conveyor belts. Alternatively, you can also slip through the baggage entry chute or take advantage of an entrance at roof-level with stairs leading down directly to room – look out for the entrance facing the runway situated to the north of the distinctive, elevated rooftop section!

As this area is populated with enemy AI and frequently visited by rival players, caution is your best bet. Navigate it smartly to ensure maximum safety.

How to get the key for the B.C. Toolbox

  • AI drops
  • HVT contracts
  • Looting
  • Faction mission reward (Legion – Tier 3: Tactical Extraction)

Unfortunately, locating a particular key can be difficult. The most effective way to get the desired item is by farming AI drops, completing High Value Target contracts, and looting; these methods often yield keys as rewards! Moreover, finishing the Tier 3 Legion mission named Tactical Extraction will give you your coveted key. If you have already completed the mission and don’t have access to the key anymore, consider using one of the strategies mentioned earlier.

Good luck in your search for the B.C. Toolbox! Keep an eye out for any obstacles along the way, and make sure you are well-prepared before entering the area. Happy looting!

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