Master the Drop: Choosing Landing Spots in Apex Legends

Learn how to choose the right landing spots and give your team the best possible start with these tips and considerations.

Apex Legends is a game primarily about decisions. From the moment you enter matchmaking, you’ve got a number of choices to make. From choosing your Legend to the weapons you hold onto, Apex can quickly place you at the center of a whirlwind of possibilities. One of the most important and oftentimes paralyzing of these choices is your choice of landing zone.

You’ve probably been there; the game starts and you’re designated as drop leader. Immediately, you feel the rush of responsibility and the dread of choice paralysis in front of you. While you can take the blue pill and let someone else take on the burden, learning how to choose the right landing spot in Apex is one of the most important skills to acquire.

Why Where You Land Matters

The average battle royale Apex Legends game lasts about 20-30 minutes. Plenty of time to gain momentum, right? Wrong. Giving your team the best possible start will dictate how the rest of the match goes.

First and foremost is loot and map position. If you’re starting from the outskirts, you can get away with subpar gear, so long as your rotations are on point. On the flip side, though, if you’re close to the hotter zones, you’ll need to aim to kit your squad up well. You’ll face a lot of players much faster and it makes very little sense to go backward toward a less populated POI.

More importantly, you’ve got team morale to consider. A good start means your squadmates have more confidence in how the game will go. In turn, that means they’ll be a bit bolder and less stressed during firefights.

So, yeah, your landing spot is a critical choice you need to make. How you go about making that choice requires that you consider a few important factors.

Understand Your Playstyle

For starters, it’s essential to understand your playstyle and adapt your landing spot choices accordingly. Are you aggressive and always looking to engage in early-game skirmishes? Or do you prefer a more passive approach, focusing on loot and positioning before engaging in fights? Knowing your preferences will help you decide on the best landing spot for your squad.

If you’re new to Apex or generally prefer to take it slow, it makes very little sense to pick the loot-richest zone on the map to dive into. That’s a surefire way to find yourself in a series of tight skirmishes that’ll ultimately send you right back to matchmaking.

If you’re a veteran, it’s advisable that you take your teammates’ preferences into account as well. With two more passive-oriented players at your side, you may want to opt for a slower-paced start.

High-Tier vs. Low-Tier Loot Zones

Apex Legends features loot tiers for different zones, with high-tier loot areas containing more valuable gear. High-tier zones attract more players, resulting in intense early-game battles. If you’re confident in your combat skills, landing in a high-tier zone can give you a significant advantage. However, if you’re still learning the ropes, consider landing in a low-tier loot zone to minimize early-game encounters and focus on gearing up. This ties into your consideration of playstyle.

There are tons of guides out there that list out the zones by the amount of loot they have and which are better suited for different squad preferences so be sure to do your homework.

Map Awareness and Rotations

Knowing the map layout is crucial for choosing effective landing spots. Consider landing in areas with easy access to multiple loot locations and nearby cover. Additionally, take note of popular landing spots and avoid them if you’re looking to stay clear of early-game confrontations. After looting your landing zone, always plan your rotations, taking into account the ring’s position and potential enemy movements.

Here you’ll also want to take into account your squad’s mobility capabilities as well as the map’s features, such as zip lines and cannons. If you’ve got a squad of slower-moving Legends, you’ll want to pick landing spots that have good access to mobility features.

Team Communication and Composition

Before launching from the dropship, discuss potential landing spots with your teammates. Make sure everyone is on the same page and agrees on the chosen location. Coordinated landings increase your squad’s chances of survival and can prevent players from getting separated or overwhelmed by enemy teams.

Even if voice communication isn’t on the cards, you should make good use of your pings to indicate your intentions and thoughts. Sometimes, your teammates will make suggestions of their own. That isn’t to say you should outright listen to them but perhaps their choices can clue you into how they like to play the game and factor that into your final decision.

The Hot Zone and Supply Ship

The Hot Zone and Supply Ship are high-risk, high-reward landing spots that contain high-tier loot and fully-kitted weapons. While landing in these areas can give you a significant advantage, they’re also magnets for aggressive players seeking early-game fights. Weigh the risks and rewards before deciding to land in these contested locations.

Needless to say, it’s a bit of a dice roll to swoop your team into such an area as early as the start of the game. Particularly when playing with random squad mates, it’s best to really factor in your own skill level before diving in head-first.


In Apex Legends, every match is different, and learning to adapt to various situations is key. If your preferred landing spot is already occupied by multiple enemy teams, be prepared to change your plans and divert to a safer location. Learning to be flexible and make quick decisions will help you survive and thrive in the fast-paced world of Apex Legends.

The most important question to ask here is how soon will you land versus when your opponents will. If they make it before you do, dollars to donuts you’ll be in for worse than an uphill battle. In such a case, you might want to even consider ditching to a location with almost zero loot. Remember that the longer you stay alive, the higher your chances are of making it to the end.

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