Central Zaya Meeting Room location Warzone 2 DMZ

Find the Central Zaya Meeting Room in Warzone 2 DMZ and unlock precious loot!

Are you looking for precious loot? The answer is keys! You can find them throughout Al Masrah and also when you complete faction missions. They will unlock buildings and rooms, giving you access to hidden caches of valuable items.

The Central Zaya Meeting Room is no exception; it’s located in Zaya Observatory and contains a variety of items which might help you on your journey. But, beware – it is a dangerous place and you’ll need to be prepared for battle if you want to get your hands on the loot behind the locked door!

Where to find Central Zaya Meeting Room

Zaya Observatory is the place to be if you’re looking for this location. The building is situated between E5 and E6 on the map grid, with the meeting room door located at the northernmost point of that building in grid E5. A stronghold keycard might come in handy since this particular structure can randomly appear as one. To get into it from where we’ve marked in our image above (northwestern side), simply enter through that door and proceed to your left – there lies the Central Zaya Meeting Room!

This loot site may require extra caution due to the sheer number of enemy AI in the vicinity, some equipped with body armor and superior armaments. Play it safe by equipping yourself with an abundance of plates before entering.

How to get the key for the Central Zaya Meeting Room

  • AI drops
  • HVT contracts
  • Looting

Searching for a specific key can be tricky, but you’re likely to come across them from AI drops or HVT contracts, as well as through looting. You may also luck out with some faction missions that offer keys upon completion – though unfortunately no such mission has been found yet offering this particular one!

That’s it for the Central Zaya Meeting Room – good luck and happy looting!

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