Helldivers Rally for New Stratagems in Latest Major Order

Fresh off their first-ever defensive victory, our brave Helldivers face a crucial decision—liberate Choohe or Penta.

As the echoes of their last battle fade, Helldivers stand before a significant strategic decision in “Operation: Legitimate Undertaking.” The choice to focus efforts on liberating either Choohe or Penta is not merely about new territories—it’s about deciding the very tools that could determine the war’s future. Will it be the explosive power of the airburst rockets or the defensive might of anti-tank mines?

Airburst Rockets: Promise or Peril?

With Penta already 30% liberated, it seems the allure of the RL-77 Airburst Rocket Launcher is too sweet to resist. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? Early feedback from the digital frontlines (courtesy of our friends on Reddit) suggests a mixed bag. Reports of “meh” damage outputs and accidental squad casualties are flooding in. So, is the focus on Penta a strategic masterstroke or just a spectacular way to blow ourselves up?

From the High Command’s Desk

Here’s the latest from Super Earth High Command, offering both context and a pep talk:

Our dogmatically determined divers dusted themselves off from the depths of despair and claimed their first ever defensive victory! It was a long and grueling two-front offensive by both the bots and the bugs, but the enemies of liberty have now beaten themselves exhausted against the resistance put forth by our Helldivers. The automatons initially claimed a lot of territory, and it was only when their war machine had over-expanded that their offensive successes began to wilt. On the other front, the TCS has successfully kept the bugs at bay, resulting in a very limited number of combat theatres. Estanu, in particular, the cold and rocky world, has become somewhat of a Helldiver point of pride. They repeatedly denied attack after attack, never wavering in their determination to keep the infestation in check.

Now we turn our eyes to “Operation: Legitimate Undertaking” – a counter-attack against the successes of the Automaton advance. There are two planets, Choohe and Penta, which both hold experimental weapons manufacturing plants that require rescue. Our Helldivers are tasked with liberating both, but only the first one that they liberate will likely be in time to rescue the weaponry. Penta holds the research on an experimental airburst rocket launcher, while Choohe unlocks the development of anti-tank mine emplacements. Both of these weapons systems could prove invaluable in the fight to come, and must be liberated immediately.

And the citizens. The citizens are important, too. Choose democratically.

Super Earth High Command

New Toys on the Block: Democracy Decides

The choices made for this Major Order offer a stark illustration of strategic dilemmas at play. While the allure of exciting weaponry has guided the democratic majority towards Penta, early reports suggest the RL-77 Airburst Rocket Launcher may not live up to its explosive expectations. Tales of tepid takedowns and friendly-fire fiascos are beginning to surface, prompting some second thoughts within the ranks.

Despite these reservations, it appears it might be too late for a strategic pivot. With Penta already significantly liberated, the path to securing the airburst rocket launcher seems almost cemented by popular vote. This leaves the potent MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines on Choohe a less likely prize, potentially bypassed for a gadget that, while flashy, may not pack the punch needed against the advancing enemy forces.

As the clock ticks down, Helldivers must grapple with their choices, realizing that every vote and every battle could tip the scales of war. Will the allure of new technology outweigh practical battlefield effectiveness? Only time will tell, but one thing remains clear: in the democracy of warfare, every soldier’s voice matters, even if the majority’s choice might sometimes lead to an unexpected bang—or a whimper.

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